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Hahaha. Wait a second. I thought that the whole point of the afterlife is that we are going to be personally judged for our actions on Earth up/down THERE, so we need to pray and be nice to ugly…   Read Story »
Jeez, Shakma. Relax!   Read Story »
Oh hey, Valentine's Day is next Monday. Great! The most wonderful day of the year! Just kidding. Although, it's a perfectly fine day. Honestly, the only thing more obnoxious than people who go way…   Read Story »
NB: the trailer isn't embeddable right now, but if you click on the image, you can go watch it on the Apple website, which is a better website for trailers anyway, as they are all in the H'est of…   Read Story »
This is not a porno switcheroo (torture porno switcheroo?), but this is still pretty great. From NME: Families who took their children to see cartoon film Megamind in a Massachusetts cinema…   Read Story »
Oh great, just what we need, ANOTHER film about a crack-addicted raccoon who feasts on human blood in the Bronx. Krackoon trailer, you guys: I don't want to kick a hornets next, but this movie…   Read Story »
You can watch the Saw 3D trailer here. OR: you can watch a baby monkey riding a miniature pig here. Unfortunately, you can only watch one or the other, not both. Sorry! Life is all about tough…   Read Story »
Daniel Engber has a powerful essay in the latest issue of Slate Magazine examining the rise and fall of quicksand in American entertainment. Apparently, the youth of today aren't even scared of it!…   Read Story »
Which of these upcoming Asian horror movies is more hilarious: is it Toilet 105 about a haunted toilet that eats used tampons or something? Or is it Raped by Satan, which could be about anything,…   Read Story »
Speaking of rape-rape, here is the poster for the remake of I Spit On Your Grave. It's a modern update of the cult horror classic of the same name from 1978. (I'm sure this time around, there will be…   Read Story »