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In an open letter to the "Entertainment Industry," Brett Ratner, your boyfriend, apologized for all the hurtful things he has said over the past couple of weeks, and resigned from producing this…   Read Story »
Grinnell College in Iowa has designated a couple of floors in one of its dormitories "gender neutral" at the request of their transgendered students. Obviously, that shit is just TOO MUCH for the…   Read Story »
Hey! Remember during Tracy Morgangate last week how I told that story about Jo Koy telling the exact same miserable joke and being a jerk? Well, now look.Oh jeez. Come on, jerks! Go to bed!   Read Story »
After his on-stage homophobic tirade "went viral" last week, Tracy Morgan issued a lukewarm apology that included such garbage chestnuts as "my friends and family know what is in my heart" and "I am…   Read Story »
It has been two years since we heard from Saturday Night Live alumnus Victoria Jackson. If you will recall the last time she blipped up, it was to spout some neo-con whatever on Fox News (the clip…   Read Story »
Your grandma, Rosina Kovar, testified on behalf of herself and you (her grandchildren) yesterday before the Colorado Senate Judiciary concerning a civil unions ballot measure that looks like it may…   Read Story »
You guys remember Ted Haggard, right? He was the vehemently anti-gay evangelical preacher from Colorado who it was later revealed had been soliciting male prostitutes for years and also doing crystal…   Read Story »
Today is Mel Gibson's 55th birthday. 55 years YOUNG! Happy Birthday, Mel Gibson. I made you a card.   Read Story »
I suppose having a professional comedian interview Andrew Shirvell is a little bit like shooting garbage fish in a closetedly homosexual barrel, but what are you going to do? NOT shoot those fish?…   Read Story »
I know we all thought maybe it was OK for two people who love each other to share equal rights under the law, but these guys make a bunch of irrefutable arguments**, so I guess we were wrong***. Oh…   Read Story »