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At this past weekend's SAG awards (the winners of which you can find here), an Access Hollywood reporter spoiled season three of Homeland for Jennifer Lawrence, in front of Damian Lewis. The reporter…   Read Story »
"Mommy, if you named me after Grandma Jane, why did Grandma Jane name you Skyler?" "Well, sweets, a long time ago there was a television show called Breaking Bad on a channel known for its…   Read Story »
What is today, casting news day?! Here are your new Saturday Night Live cast members: Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, and Noël Wells! -Splitsider Aziz Ansari got a $3.5 million book…   Read Story »
For those of you under the impression that Joffrey is a real evil tiny little king or whatever, he's not! Look at him, smiling with this poster that has his picture and the world "cunt" (the c word)…   Read Story »
The family that cosplays together, cosstays together. -BTTF Here is Lars Mikkelsen as Sherlock's new nemisis [spoiler] in Sherlock's upcoming third season. -/Film Homeland Season 3 teaser…   Read Story »
Terry Richardson did a photo shoot with Aaron Paul. We'll have to have a talk later. -TerrysDiary The synopsis of Homeland's third season has been revealed! Who knew Zooey Deschanel  was even…   Read Story »
It feels like the last couple of weeks, the Internet has been awash in more think pieces than ever. That's probably not true. But that's how it feels. This probably has a lot to do with the blogs…   Read Story »
George Lucas' daughter Amanda is an MMA fighter. Whoa. Here's a picture of her being bloody, there's also a video! -BuzzFeed Sesame Street Presents: "Upside-Downton Abbey" -SesameStreet (thank you…   Read Story »
The Claire Danes cryface took the Internet by storm months ago, and has earned a place in our collective memories for probably at least seven more months. It has also earned the honor of re-entering…   Read Story »
This is just a funny picture of Melania and The Donald with his eyes closed. (Click through for bigger) -Celebitchy How could Sargeant Brody return to Homeland? -BuzzFeed Things You Shouldn't…   Read Story »