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Pugs re-enacting the movie Elf? R U KIDDING ME? -AVClub I clicked on this post about an Easter Egg in Home Alone that everyone probably missed thinking "yeah but who cares?," which is rude, but…   Read Story »
Home Alone retold by pug puppies. Welcome to on-line. -FilmDrunk The library of congress has reported that 75% of all silent films are lost forever, but maybe they're just not looking hard enough?…   Read Story »
What is going on in this GIF? I hope this isn't a Pacific Rim spoiler. Is this how they dance in the movie? (Is this how they do it?!) What's up, guys? Are you okay? There are a bunch more Pacific…   Read Story »
After years of crunching numbers and writing equations out on library windows in white grease pencil, one brilliant minded reddit reader has finally debunked the pizza math from Home Alone.…   Read Story »
Doctor Who TARDIS Fez? Doctor Who TARDIS Fez! -Technabob 'Celebrity Flirt Roulette' is really wonderful, you'll see. -TEAMCOCO Ellen talks to the 'Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong' girl…   Read Story »
This picture of Steve Buscemi and Steve Carell from The Incredible Burt Wonderstone has so much wonderfulness happening. Their hair! Their outfits! Steve C's face! -/Film Diagnosing The Home…   Read Story »
Can you guess the two celebs in these silhouette portraits? Hints: 1) These came from their wedding, 2) Their wedding also had a dessert bar. (People are losing their shit over this dessert bar.)…   Read Story »
Here is a Lucille Bluth/Mitt Romney mashup, because of course here is that. -Uproxx Bill O'Reilly is super upset about Drew doing it with his GF on Parenthood. -Zap2It Breaking Lindsay Lohan…   Read Story »
A mash-up of the creeptown trailer for We Need to Talk About Kevin and scenes from Home Alone, obviously. Fuller, go easy on the Internet.   Read Story »
Some nerds are currently recreating the entirety of Home Alone on Twitter. As nerds will.   Read Story »