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Oh brother. Guys, I love to have fun and I love Rube Goldberg devices and I enjoyed the movie Amelie even if it took a very emotionally empty look at Love As Special Effect. But not everything needs…   Read Story »
The video of the week, unfortunately, is called "Gay Hipster Fight," and it is an actual for real fight on the streets of Los Angeles shot in the middle of the night. Admittedly, the fight, as the…   Read Story »
This is the video that has already been posted on TheDailyWhat, LookAtThisFuckingHipster, BoingBoing, TheHighDefinite, and SideSplitter today. It's also been sent in as a tip by caseanate and Jane.…   Read Story »
Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, and Har Mar Superstar are writing a show for HBO about "painfully cool hipsters" who move from Williamsburg to Silverlake, tentatively titled Stich N' Bitch. Sure. We're…   Read Story »
Woof. I read in Variety (I did not read in Variety) that the tentative title for this show was Your Show, until they figure out a better name for it, like Barf Town: Population Assholes. Seriously,…   Read Story »
The Onion News Network: "We have about 2400 photos of the cigarette falling out of his hand from about 14 different angles. Within moments of the fire breaking out 45 people had called the fire…   Read Story »
Cops in riot gear tried to disperse an election-reveling crowd at 3 AM Wednesday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and, well, some cameraphones were damaged. This is how they do accusations of police…   Read Story »
When the infamous "puppy cleaning monitor" site went viral, it was only a matter of time before a heavy-set hipster left his kickball game at McCarren Park early to rush home and make his own version…   Read Story »
You guys: Riding high on the successful launch of an accelerated, action packed 13-week episode cycle with more favorite Real World drama packed into 1-hour episodes, MTV has greenlit the hit…   Read Story »