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After the jump, watch a preview clip from an upcoming educational cartoon about becoming a businessman starring Jay-Z and Warren Buffet. Neat! (The video is set to start playing automatically so…   Read Story »
Look at her going whatever the word for HAM is in England! Hammies? Yorkshire steaks? Newcastle slammies? I'm sure it's something kind of silly like that. Pig slices. "I'm going BACON RASHERS!" What…   Read Story »
Spike Lee Is Making A Hip Hop Horror Movie.   Read Story »
"After years of being in and out of relationships, I realized that maybe my mate detector was mis-calibrated. Obviously, people like what they like and the heart wants what it wants, or whatever, but…   Read Story »
Oh, Bangs. I would say "never change," but I'm starting to get the feeling that's not going to be an issue. He's still just Bangs from the block! (Thanks for the tip, Joe.)   Read Story »
Michael Rappaport made a documentary about A Tribe Called Quest and it looks good. #GETHAZED   Read Story »
Like clockwork, Jon Stewart returns to the O'Reilly Factor for his six-month standing appointment to argue with Bill about something inconsequential. In this case: the "controversial" (LOL!) rapper…   Read Story »
Hip hop was invented in 1791 by Col. James Harrod, founder of the Fort Harrod settlement in what is now Mercer County, Kentucky. One evening, Col. Harrod took a bite of some stew that was not to his…   Read Story »
(May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) I remember there being an Onion article back in the day about his death with a headline that read something like "Heaven Running Out of Food" and I just want…   Read Story »
There is now a six minute trailer for the Eli Porter documentary, you guys. So that at least takes care of six of today's interminable minutes. (Hi, Andy Milonakis!) (Hi, Andy Milonakis?)   Read Story »