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There's an old saying among pop culture bloggers: "Any group of four people can be successfully compared to The Golden Girls." Someone has applied this wisdom to the celebrities of Election 2008…   Read Story »
Slate put together this comprehensive and highly watchable summary of the Democratic primary contest: It was a long, exciting race with plenty of heightened emotions and surprising upsets, but it…   Read Story »
Last night, The Daily Show's Senior Women's Issues Commentator (and Flight Of The Conchords show-stealer) Kristen Schaal demonstrated her outrage with the way the media has treated Hillary Clinton…   Read Story »
The fact of the matter is regardless of whether you supported Obama or Clinton in the primaries, or even if you don't support either of them, this year marks a historic election cycle, and that's…   Read Story »
For awhile I thought Mike Gravel was kind of great. He was just so grumpy. We could use some grumps in Washington instead of all these Vaseline Teeth. And his avant garde campaign videos, while…   Read Story »
Tom Hanks endorsed Barack Obama in a MySpace video over the weekend: (via HuffingtonPost) Here's the transcript for the hearing impaired: "Hello, I'm Tom Hanks, and I want Barack Obama to be the…   Read Story »
Um... There's not a lot to say. Just this: I believe in a "big tent" approach to politics, but maybe the tent is too big. PILEVOTER!   Read Story »
In case you have been waiting to hear who Michael Moore endorses before making your decision...and you live in Pennsylvania (or Indiana, or I guess North Carolina but let's be serious) where your…   Read Story »
Did you know that we need a new president? I mean, we don't need one. The one we have is great! I wish he was my dad and/or Permanent President Forever. But apparently some brainiac in Washington…   Read Story »
Detroit Octane, the rock and roll band best known for their only song, "Barack Obama-sistible" have released a new hit, "Dude Supports A Lady." I don't know if this will really help Hillary…   Read Story »