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Your first look at Comedy Central's Drunk History, which premieres on Tuesday -- Chris Parnell as King Charles II. -ComedyCentral R.I.P. Eastbound & Down. -THR And R.I.P. Brand X. I don't…   Read Story »
What a week! FOR GIFS! I just watched Behind the Candelabra two nights ago and boy oh boy does that movie have some good GIF moments. And a whole new season of Arrested Development? GIF me a break!…   Read Story »
Well, who is it? Since you familiarized yourself with the movie Rodham when the screenplay was placed on the 2012 Black List, and then familiarized yourself more with it when it was leaked to The…   Read Story »
Amy Poehler + Tina Fey + Paul Rudd + Fred Armisen + Ken Marino + Will Arnett + Jon Glaser + Carrie Brownstein + Jack McBrayer + Pretty In Pink + Sixteen Candles = ??? -AVClub Before the premieres…   Read Story »
Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton took some selfies at the Kennedy Center Honors gala Saturday night, or maybe they are just holding the phone really far away from their eyes so they can see the…   Read Story »
After the jump, you can watch a clip of Pat Buchanan, that old piece of crap, on The McLaughlin Group, answering the burning question: when will America elect a female president. His answer is "2040…   Read Story »
Bill Clinton was recently a guest on Piers Morgan Tonight, which was, at the time, being guest-hosted by Harvey Weinstein. Neat! PLEASE WAKE UP! I'm sorry about that opening sentence, but I had to…   Read Story »
Huh? I don't know! Although I will say this: whoever made this video deserves to date whoever they want. As long as they don't murder and eat them afterward! I also appreciate that they used as broad…   Read Story »
This past weekend's SNL was "The Best Of Amy Poehler," and it was soooo good. I almost didn't watch it because, you know, rerun, but I was curious about how Amy's manic, childlike characters had…   Read Story »
In these days of free blogs and blog comment sections and call-in radio shows, it seems that everyone can find an easy platform for their opinions. When once only performers and writers for major…   Read Story »