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After a University of Maryland economist claimed last week that Oprah's endorsement of Obama was worth 1,000,000 votes, Entertainment Weekly runs down the voter turn-out power of other fames,…   Read Story »
This week's Entertainment Weekly features a cover story on The Hills, featuring a sneak preview of season 4 (SPOILER ALERT, it's the barfiest season yet!), and behind the scenes looks at stuff like…   Read Story »
Here's a new preview of The Hills, you guys. It's got tons of great ideas for your ink. (Gross. Everyone who actually says "ink" like that in real life should get a tattoo of prison bars on their…   Read Story »
Heidi and Spencer are buying weapons: [Heidi and Spencer] are working on their firearms skills with a personal instructor who went over shooting skills, close combat, tactical, and defense weapons…   Read Story »
Heidi Montag's last single "Higher" was widely ridiculed, but that's why it's not on the new album, duh. She was just doing it as a joke, guys. BUT THE TIME FOR JOKES IS OVER. I'm happy to report…   Read Story »
Spencer Pratt was on Letterman on Friday, and Heidi waited from the green room. Watch as David Letterman's grasp on the world he lives in slips momentarily, but DON'T WORRY, he recovers it, and then…   Read Story »
gabe: heidi and spencer are hilarious lindsay: they're hilariously ridiculous, but they should be stopped. gabe: they will be stopped gabe: by the angel of death gabe: he spares no one lindsay: They…   Read Story »
I was having an argument about Heidi and Spencer the other day (obviously, and nullus) in which a friend proposed that they were the worst and did not deserve any attention and that it made this…   Read Story »
The new season of The Hills doesn't start until August, but that doesn't mean you can't keep track of everyone's (least) favorite Hollywood Power Saddest Couple Of Emotional Corpses, Plastic Face and…   Read Story »
Whoops, I totally forgot. In my Hills recap today I gave a prediction of what would happen to the cast members as they got older. LC is clearly on the downward path to becoming a bitter Margo…   Read Story »