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Two episodes of Hills in one week? That is so much Hills! You know that feeling you get when you drink too many no-fat soy lattes with sugar-free pomegranate syrup and your hands start to shake? This…   Read Story »
It's Frankie's birthday and we're going to Vegasssssss! Just one quick question, though: WHO'S FRANKIE? Frankie, of course, is Brody Jenner's friend, who somehow lacks the charisma to make it onto…   Read Story »
Between this and Gossip Girl, there is now an 80 percent chance that my life will end on a Monday night. Anyway, we're only two episodes into the season, and already Lauren wants to break up with…   Read Story »
Heidi Montag finally apologizes to her fans and releases the correct version of her "Overdosin'" video (with synched sound and not ten minutes long and everything.) Yay?   Read Story »
Two of the world's most popular musical artists, Kanye West and Heidi Montag, released new music videos today. Kanye's is a short animated film from artist Takashi Murakami, while Heidi's is a parody…   Read Story »
It's a sign of how hard The Hills is treading water, trying to stay relevant beneath the crushing weight of a celebrity gossip industry that de-mystifies any plot tension, which barely exists anyway…   Read Story »
Blah blah blah, The Hills isn't real. Snooze me a river. At this point, we need to all take a page from Brody Jenner's book and CHILLAX. (I would ask that none of us take the other page from Brody…   Read Story »
This picture, which was obviously taken last night because of Heidi's dress (kill me, please), had better be extremely ironic. This is not going to be a thing: Hey, whatever Human Giant guys, I…   Read Story »
So, we pick up where we left off, which isn't saying a lot because REAL TALK, The Hills has been treading water since season 2. Heidi and Lauren suffering a venomous rupture of their friendship is…   Read Story »
Speaking of The Hills, in preparation for tonight's season 4 debut, Heidi has released a new single, "Overdosin'." You know what they say, misery loves blogging about it. This is unbearable, yes,…   Read Story »