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This week, Audrina is still hung up on Justin Bobby some more, which actually kind of proves that this show is slightly more "real" than people have been giving it credit for lately. Because if it…   Read Story »
Just Jared has some CRAMAZING photos of Heidi and Spencer today. They did a staged photoshoot up in the Hollywood hills to let the world know their political beliefs, because they have political…   Read Story »
It's Brody Jenner's birthday! Oh good. I'm so glad he didn't get run over by a dump truck this year. JUST KIDDING. I don't wish Brody Jenner, or anyone else any physical harm. I hope that everyone…   Read Story »
I refuse to talk about Audrina's boy problems. As far as I'm concerned, Audrina should seal up her vagina with cement. Justin Bobby. He's a HAIRDRESSER. I'm not throwing hairdressers under the bus,…   Read Story »
On Saturday, October 18th, at 2PM, MTV is going to be broadcasting a parody of The Hills starring Derek Miller. If this is real, and most indications so far are that it is, this is really, really…   Read Story »
Even if you pretend that the characters on The Hills are actual human beings, and that as such they inherently have some kind of value on this Earth (God didn't make no junk, SUPPOSEDLY), there is…   Read Story »
One of the main things that everyone has noticed and thought about in regards to reality television is WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? Almost every single person who has ever participated on a reality TV show…   Read Story »
This week's The Hills poses a very serious problem. Lauren goes on vacation to Italy (vacation from what, exactly?), at which point drama ensues! Can you believe all this drama that's ensuing while…   Read Story »
Good news for people who hate The Hills, this show is on its last legs. I'm calling it right now. I'm not sure if they'll squeeze another season out after this one, or just let it quietly fade into…   Read Story »
Laura Goes To Hollywood: An Inspirational Story For Young Women by Lauren Conrad CHAPTER ONE: LAURA BONRAD'S JOURNEY Laura Bonrad get in her Mercedes. She kiss her mom goodbye on the…   Read Story »