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This Ned Flanders Halloween costume has been making the rounds today, so it's possible you've already seen it, and it's also possible that you're tired of annoying Internet glorification of pop…   Read Story »
Something that we all know for some reason is that Heidi Klum absolutely LOVES Halloween. That is one of the top five things I know for sure about Heidi Klum. (Another piece of unsettling Halloween…   Read Story »
Project Runway preview, you guys: You know what's weird? What's weird is how this looks like a shitty Lifetime show when it's obviously exactly the same as when it was a pretty good Bravo show.…   Read Story »
CBS had an "April Fool's Day Special" last night called I Get That A Lot that was a surprise ratings hit. It's the exact same thing as Punk'd, but reversed: celebrities work menial jobs and are…   Read Story »