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Kids these days! I literally do not understand how there are so many cool kids who are just being themselves and doing what they want to do. When I was a kid, back in the 1920s, it was mostly a…   Read Story »
Yesterday we were all delighted to watch 9-year-old Sam Gordon's football highlight reel, in which she pretty much dominated everyone and everything in the world of football. Today a little girl…   Read Story »
When the great philosophers were trying to resolve that age old weed circle question of how we can know for sure that our waking reality is any more real than our dream states one of the main…   Read Story »
"Is it just me, or are the people in this neighborhood putting up their synchronized Slayer-themed holiday floodlight shows earlier and earlier each year?" That is an example of a question that no…   Read Story »
OK, 2011, now we are talking. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)   Read Story »
Admittedly, your parrot is still pretty adorable, even if he is singing your favorite song. "Love my parrot, love that song," that is what you say. "I've got an entire Zune with nothing on it but…   Read Story »