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I was in the car yesterday evening when I heard on NPR's All Things Considered that James Gandolfini died, and I finally got it. While I still think that on-line eulogies in general are the absolute…   Read Story »
So, the Onion AV/Club Toronto (via FilmDrunk) recently interviewed Curtis Armstrong, the actor who played Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds movies, about his life and career, and at a certain point…   Read Story »
Sometimes it's crazy to think about what the world must have been like before the Internet. What did people do? How were they completely terrible without it?   Read Story »
Kevin Bacon's and Kyra Sedgwick's dog, Paulie, has died at the age of 13. R.I.P. You are in heaven now, wearing a diamond studded collar and chomping on foie gras snackums with the angels.   Read Story »
Back in March, a tribute to George Carlin was held at the New York Public Library. Not sure why March. That is neither the month in which George Carlin was born (May), nor the month in which he died…   Read Story »
Leona Helmsley's dog, Trouble, the richest dog in the world (12 millionaire) has died. R.I.P. Trouble. You are in heaven now, mocking the angel plight of the poor angels. Also: here is a video of a…   Read Story »
It is being reported that musician Andrew Gold has died. From People: Andrew Gold, the singer-songwriter best known for 1977's "Lonely Boy" single, died Friday in his sleep from a heart attack. He…   Read Story »
Oh no! Genuinely! That is the second time I have written "oh no" today but the first time was a joke. Sad news (that is also the second time I have written "sad news" today, but let's just put our…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, the Guardian UK published an interview with acclaimed physicist Stephen J. Hawking in which he explained that he did not believe in an after-life, which he called "a fairy story for…   Read Story »
Director Sidney Lumet died over the weekend. He was very good at his job and he will be missed. R.I.P. Sidney Lumet. You are in heaven now, writing books about movies that the angels will read in…   Read Story »