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Senior Vaginal Correspondent, Kristen Schaal, offers a woman's point of view on this heated debate. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann is still a World Class Moron and this whole thing is entirely…   Read Story »
Stephen Colbert responds to Michele Bachmann's public stance against a vaccine known to reduce women's risk of cervical cancer by simply saying, "Michele Bachmann is a fucking idiot" and then cutting…   Read Story »
A group of scientists in Australia has published their findings (via Vulture) linking television watching with shortened life spans. Yikes! But we love TV! If this is true it will be the first time…   Read Story »
We talk a lot here on Videogum about how it makes us feel a bit uncomfortable when we see animals getting treated better than the way most human beings are treated. That's kind of "our thing."…   Read Story »
Some people in Maryland are putting together a zombie-themed 5K run because of course someone is doing that. From the official website: Protect your brain and run for your life. This is one race…   Read Story »
Dear Nostalgia, Congratulations are in order, I suppose, as New York Magazine is reporting that you have won another decisive battle in your war against pop culture via your recent success earlier…   Read Story »
Oh no! Alex Trebek has been injured in his legs! From ABC News: "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek appeared on crutches today while hosting the National Geographic World Championship. The competition is…   Read Story »
Really? Setting aside for a moment the fact that we live on a wildly overpopulated planet where six million children die of starvation every year, and even in our own very-wealthy-by-comparison…   Read Story »
Love and Other Drugs is actually based on a memoir called Hard Sell: the Evolution of a Viagra Salesman. (Hard Sell! Do you get it?! Penises.) Now, as we have all learned from writers like David…   Read Story »
As this photo from ABC News (emphasis on the "News," I'm sure) shows, Jonah Hill is now suffering from stage 6 The Machinist disease. His only chance for recovery now is to remember that he is the…   Read Story »