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At this point it is actually weird when people do the right thing. Must have found some leftover moral code at the bottom of mildewy box in the basement somewhere.   Read Story »
Although the news broke last week, Paula Deen appeared on the Today Show this morning with Al Roker to announce to the world that she has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Normally this story…   Read Story »
The first GOOP of 2012 has arrived, and it is highlighting "the GOOP Cleanse." Oh brother. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that I am against ALL cleanses, not just the GOOP…   Read Story »
Cancer sucks. Hate it! These guys know what I'm talking about. Although, to be fair (to cancer?) Chris Pratt could make a PSA about the PHONE BOOK and I would watch it.   Read Story »
Yesterday, America's Bride, Courtney Stodden, appeared on Dr. Drew's new show (Prologue: Dr. Drew has a new show) called Dr. Drew's Life Changers (what?) to FINALLY lay to rest the hot-button debate…   Read Story »
Looking good, boyz. Very healthy. Very strong. Very normal exercise.   Read Story »
This Cheech and Chong "movie trailer" is actually an ad for FiberOne. Clever girls. Clever 100 year old girls.   Read Story »
Car accidents can be super scary. (That is one of the observations I used in my application for Editor-in-Chief of Duh Aficionado magazine.) They happen so fast and unexpectedly. Or even worse you…   Read Story »
Guys, pay attention. It is always funny how cheap and weird before and after pictures look when you're dealing with weight loss or teeth whitening or whatever, because it's obviously just two…   Read Story »
Well, this is hilarious. From the Hollywood Reporter: Aaron Sorkin, who penned The Social Network and The West Wing and co-wrote Moneyball, which will open in theaters next week, showed up at an…   Read Story »