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I know that Kardashian related posts don't do that well on this site because everyone WENT TO COLLEGE and thinks they are SUPERIOR TO REGULAR AMERICANS, but they are OUR ROYALTY, so why don't you GET…   Read Story »
Do you really count as a cougar just because you WANT to date younger men, even if all of the younger men clearly cannot stand you? And I have a follow up: Or is that what makes you an "extreme"…   Read Story »
The best thing about celebs is that you can never have enough information about them, so any new piece of information is a welcome new friend. PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT YOURSELVES, CELEBS! Sometimes…   Read Story »
Aww, man. Bummer alert! Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle on Saved By The Bell appears to be in some real trouble here. Recently, some stories have cropped up about her possibly being diagnosed…   Read Story »
A New York based photographer named Danny Evans has put together a collection of Photoshopped images imagining what celebrities might look like if they were overweight, and "ugly," or, in a word,…   Read Story »
Is anyone else tired to the point of tear-stained exhaustion? I know it can't just be me and this little girl. Between the election and the storm and Halloween, it's too much! Sometimes you just want…   Read Story »
Health is important, and there's no better way to stay healthy than with a regular routine of cardio-vascular exercise (especially when you are living on a diet of canned tuna and cheese crackers!).…   Read Story »
While it appears to everyone else that Kate Gosselin has had serious cosmetic surgery, she claims to be suffering from Benjamin Button disease. Do you think this is true?! N/N?!   Read Story »
After the jump, a three minute behind-the-scenes commercial for a commercial about e-cigarettes starring longtime smoker Stephen Dorff. Oh, yes, that is correct! There is so much demand for a Stephen…   Read Story »
Ugh. Kids. So dumb. No duh. NEWS AT ELEVEN! Hahahah. BREAKING. Here is the real news story, though: How is it even possible that kids are still daring each other to do things for a dollar anymore…   Read Story »