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Ugh. Get ready for this one, you guys! You might want to put a cold compress on your HEART. Then again, this is not actually that surprising. This video should be called "Michelle Bachmann: Par For…   Read Story »
Man, Joe Biden, ladies and germs! On the one hand, he seems like your superfun booze-soaked uncle who always lightens the mood at family gatherings, and still thinks it's funny to steal your nose…   Read Story »
Lots Of Love! This is probably the best PSA that I have ever seen. Someone should call the Dean of Logic College and tell him to resign, because there is a new Dean in town (Logic Town), and it is…   Read Story »
Congressman John Sheddeg (R-AZ) brought a baby onto the House floor to argue against health care reform. Very professional and respectful. Not a ridiculous clown show over there at all.   Read Story »
I'm not a political scientist. I know that might confuse a lot of you who have been reading this blog for awhile thinking that this was a blog about politics written by a prominent political…   Read Story »
With a health-care reform song set to a Miley Cyrus song. Um, obviously the kids from the Ron Clark Academy are great, and even though I liked their cover of T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" more than I…   Read Story »
Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL) took to the House floor to outline the Republican health care proposal. Mmrwooowwwrrrr, or whatever.   Read Story »