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Can you guess whom this is a baby photo of? I'll give you some hints: He is my future husband, he is engaged to be married to another woman, his name is Aaron Paul, and he is on Breaking Bad. Can you…   Read Story »
"Nic Cage's Face On All 151 1st Generation Pokemon" is not something that would generally stand out as worthwhile in a Nic Cage Internet sea of mashups, but it's actually pretty good and I kind of…   Read Story »
I saw Spring Breakers on a snowy Saturday afternoon about a week ago and there were only a few people in attendance at my screening. It was a very odd way to see a movie like this! There were a lot…   Read Story »
"He's gonna probably win a Grammy based on, you know, obviously the style is based on me."   Read Story »
Glenn O'Brien had lunch with Harmony Korine and wrote about it. A couple of lunch humpers.   Read Story »
This is a picture of James Franco on the set of a new Harmony Korine movie about spring break called Spring Breakers. ("We want the title to be on the nose, but not TOO on the nose." - Harbody…   Read Story »
James Franco is going to play "a rapping drug and arms dealer" in Harmony Korine's upcoming movie, Spring Breakers. Just imagining the two of them in a room together arguing about "art" is already…   Read Story »
The Onion has an interview with Harmony Korine today. He talks about his new movie, Trash Humpers. For some reason, he doesn't discuss Megan Fox getting fired from Transformers 3. It's like, uh,…   Read Story »
Trash Humpers trailer, you guys: Uh. I would say that I consider myself a Harmony Korine "fan," but this looks completely unwatchable. It's just a trailer, or something that is supposed to…   Read Story »