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The Wahlburgers corporation appears to be tearing itself apart with lawsuits (wahlsuits?) and counter-lawsuits. Guys! Get it together! If not for yourselves, for the delicious wahlburgers!   Read Story »
As you head to the polls today, ask yourself this: is your burger more in space now than it was four years ago? #SPACEBURGERTHEVOTE (Via Vulture.)   Read Story »
Ugh, don't you hate how when you go to McDonald's there's no TV to watch? I know, riiiiight?! I have always said that the experience of eating at a McDonald's was almost the best experience you could…   Read Story »
See AMAZING HEADLINE! (Previously: Jeremy Piven Producing Reality TV Show About Glassblowing Called Blow.)   Read Story »
A few years ago, a friend of mine was working the register at a gas station. One day, there was a line of people waiting to pay for whatever people pay for at gas stations. Gas, I guess. Milk? (Why…   Read Story »
In anticipation of the new Twilight movie, Twilight: More Twilight, Burger King has launched an advertising campaign in which people (read: children, and dangerously lonely adults) can express which…   Read Story »
Remember that French McDonald's commercial that featured a young gay man being young and gay? Well, an American executive at the McDonald's corporation, Operations Chief Don Thompson, has FINALLY…   Read Story »
Oh boy. If nothing else, at least Carl's Jr. kept the whole thing tasteful and classy. Wouldn't you agree, hot chicks? Sure. This is your chance to join the illustrious ranks of Paris Hilton and…   Read Story »
Hi, I'm Padma Lakshmi. You might know me from cable television's Top Chef, or as the ex-wife of Salman Rushdie. Remember when I was married to that guy? Everyone was like "Whuuuut?! Why are you…   Read Story »
I don't know what Rich is talking about. This is just a guy who loves big, thick hamburgers talking about how delicious they taste when he sucks them into his hot, warm mouth and swallows every last…   Read Story »