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Did you guys watch VH1's TLC biopic CrazySexyCool last night? You should have. It wasn't great, but it was KIND OF great. It hardly even mattered that at the end it just kind of segued into an ad…   Read Story »
Huh. Everything kind of seems harder in space? Sometimes you watch these videos and it's like, Why do these guys even go up into space? Just stay down here! Showers are totally normal down here,…   Read Story »
There's some kind of story behind this that is, like, Natalie Morales's parents came all the way from Florida to surprise her for her 41st birthday on the show and also brought her dad's old toupee…   Read Story »
We've tracked Bradley Cooper's hair since December, from the possibility that it was thinning, through the news that it had possibly been permed in the past, to its permed state for his role in an…   Read Story »
"Have you seen any Bradley Cooper movies lately?" you can ask to someone standing by the drinks. "Oh sure, I saw that Oscar winner -- Silver Linings Playbook? That one was good," they'll respond.…   Read Story »
Oh my god. Seriously, please be careful. And please, if you're not going to be careful, at least make sure whatever you're doing is fake and the rest of us just can't tell because of how real it…   Read Story »
Helllooooooooooo NURSE! How are all of you ladies today? Layering for winter? Wearing leggings under your pants and then socks and boots, and then wearing a shirt and a sweater and a hoodie and a…   Read Story »
What's are you doing? Are you recording something? Dude, what's up with your hair? Holy shit guys, come over here, check out Frank's hair. Frank, what's wrong? Frank. FRANK. Frank, do you need me to…   Read Story »
Uhhhhhhhhh. Brad Pitt is in this month's issue of Interview magazine, talking about whatever the hell he even talks about these days. Honestly, I am not sure. I feel like anytime you read a quote…   Read Story »