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Thank you all for sending this in but also kind of no thank you, you know?   Read Story »
Here is a candid photo of Daniel Radcliffe hanging out by a tree! -EW Has everyone's happiness level increased an appropriate amount since the return of Bob's Burgers last week? Great! Mine too!…   Read Story »
A lot of stuff happened this weekend! Saturday Night Live came back! All the Thursday shows came back! Mitt Romney! Other stuff, too! Let's stop talking about it and just get to looking at GIFs about…   Read Story »
The thing about Gwyneth Paltrow is that you can't even really make fun of her because she has become such a parody of herself that everything she says and does is more ridiculous and perfectly in…   Read Story »
The world's most selfless and down-to-Earth woman wins its most noble and meaningful award.   Read Story »
Star Magazine reported this week that Gwyneth is opening a Spanish-themed restaurant in LA with Mario Batali, but her "rep" denied it. So, whatever. NOM NOM NOM or NOT NOT NOT. Ahhhhahahahahaha. We…   Read Story »
Now you too can smell like an out-of-touch heiress to a Hollywood dynasty with her own facial cream advice blog.   Read Story »
Because we have been getting so many tips about this "story," which is not actually a story, but I'm already getting ahead of myself, it seems like we might as well address the Gwyneth Paltrow…   Read Story »
Top that. (Thanks for the tip, Dusty.)   Read Story »
A recent article in the New York Times about cookbook ghostwriters included a photo caption naming Julia Turshen as Gwyneth Paltrow's ghostwriter on her cookbook, My Father's Daughter. Sure! I mean,…   Read Story »