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Guys, I'm sorry if I gave you the impression that we were done talking about Brad Pitt's Esquire cover story, because we aren't. Here's the thing about a Brad Pitt Esquire cover story in 2013: you…   Read Story »
Right before the The Empire Strikes Back's 30th Anniversary, Dave Perillo has completed his trilogy of original Star Wars Trilogy posters for Acme Archives. You can look at them here! -/Film Tom…   Read Story »
I sort of casually mentioned this yesterday in a post, so I apologize for repeating myself, but also I just canNOT get over the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow is selling a $950 shot glass on her…   Read Story »
THE WORLD IS CHANGED, I CAN FEEL IT IN THE WATER. This is the second post in less than a month defending Gwyneth Paltrow against her detractors, despite the fact that I myself, and Videogum in…   Read Story »
Man, I cannot get enough of this clip! WHERE HAVE YOU GIF ALL MY LIFE? Please take a walk down last four days memory lane with me as we stroll past GIFs of all the wonderful stories we experienced…   Read Story »
Just one week after being named Hollywood's "Most Hated Celebrity" by Star Magazine, she has been named "The World's Most Beautiful Woman" by People Magazine. THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.…   Read Story »
Before we head off to our weekends, let's take a quick look back and the things that have attempted to distract from the world that surrounds us this week. TAKE IT, GIFS! Vince Vaughn hosted a…   Read Story »
It's no mystery that Gwyneth Paltrow is a bit of a solid gold punching bag around here. Prior to the launch of her lifestyles website, Goop, she was just a pretty actress from a Hollywood Dynasty…   Read Story »
In the latest issue of Goop, Gwyneth recommends staying at a hotel where the margaritas cost $130, just in case you needed a reminder that nothing ever changes, not really.   Read Story »
Ugh, Netflix rates Arrested Development with bananas? Relax, Netflix! We're going to watch Arrested Development! Whether we're excited about it or not! -Hypervocal Connie Britton is your…   Read Story »