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Oh. Oh noooooo. Now, for those of you who have been keeping score, I vowed to stop writing about cast-members of The Hills a long time ago. They are honestly human garbage. I'm not saying they don't…   Read Story »
Shooting isn't just for men anymore. Now it is also for women. Men and women. One of the things that seems to appeal to women most about shooting is the ways in which their new hobby can dovetail…   Read Story »
There is a Japanese game show called Panic Face King where the goal is to make someone have the most panicked face possible. And whoever does that is the king. Of that. I guess. Anyway, in a clip…   Read Story »
I know that you hate to play by the rules, and dammnit, that is what makes you so effective, but the DA has been on my ass all year. You know how this works. You're off the case! Shit has just…   Read Story »
Yuck, this is an ad for Christianity (in general!) by the self-appointed defenders of the faith and Creation Museum creators, Answers In Genesis: I know: what? Let's try to unpack this unarguably…   Read Story »
The Onion News Network: LOL. I know it's supposed to be satire, but not knowing anything about non-Wii-sports videogames, I would have assumed we were already there already. The ostrich kills me…   Read Story »
This man (via BoingBoing) has mounted a chainsaw onto an assault rifle. Fair enough. Some people are arguing that this is the ultimate weapon for the Zombie Apocalypse. Let's get real, you guys.…   Read Story »
The thing that's weird about world records is that a lot of times you watch the incredible feats performed by these champions, and as insanely difficult as they must be to accomplish, and as…   Read Story »
Heidi and Spencer are buying weapons: [Heidi and Spencer] are working on their firearms skills with a personal instructor who went over shooting skills, close combat, tactical, and defense weapons…   Read Story »