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I excitedly showed this collection of action film stills in which the guns are replaced by thumbs up to Gabe this morning, because I loved it and thought it was perfect and had never seen it before,…   Read Story »
For a long time Steven Seagal was mostly just a buffoon. But as soon as he started telling everyone he was an actual police officer, and riding around with real police officers saying things like,…   Read Story »
Where did you guys meet? I bet that's a fun story! I love to hear the stories about how cute couples met. Oh wait, hold on, your boyfriend has more to say. SHHHH I AM TRYING TO LISTEN TO YOUR…   Read Story »
Hey, has anybody checked in on Bam Margera lately to see if he is still the worst, or if maybe he's not the worst anymore? Just curious! Oh, he Tweeted a picture of himself holding a gun to a puppy's…   Read Story »
Terry Richardson has been posting a whole series of photos this morning that he took of his favorite muse, Jared Leto Lindsay Lohan, taken at the Chateau Marmont, including a run of her putting a gun…   Read Story »
It's a good thing the "journalists" went around the neighborhood and asked people what Kool Aid brings to mind. That alone should earn them the Pulitzer, but if it doesn't, I'm sure the randomly…   Read Story »
Have you watched Terra Nova yet? I haven't. I've been too busy petitioning Words with Friends to make "adorkable" a legal move. (Ding dong. New Girl joke!) Anyway, Terra Nova. I guess it's based on…   Read Story »
The other day I was listening to All Songs Considered on NPR ("ladies") and one of the guys on the show said, "I wish I did anything as well as Glenn Kotche [drummer of Wilco] plays the drums." And…   Read Story »
Brawndo has the electrolytes your celebration of the death of Osama Bin Laden craves! And scene. (Thanks for the tip, Drew.)   Read Story »
"As I've gotten older and had more life experience, I've come to really appreciate older women. They have a sophistication and an elegance that younger women simply lack. It's not younger women's…   Read Story »