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50 Cent: rapper, actor, flavored water angel investor, and FUCKING LIAR. From NPR: A Grand Rapids' movie theater rolled out the red carpet Wednesday night to benefit Michigan's burgeoning film…   Read Story »
Do you guys remember the original movie poster for the upcoming 50 Cent & Val Kilmer vehicle, Gun? It was terrible! It featured 50 Cent in front of a white background wearing a puffy vest and a…   Read Story »
"Let me just get this straight: there is a movie starring 50 Cent that he wrote himself called Gun. And this movie has a borderline comedic movie poster. And in this movie, 50 Cent plays a…   Read Story »
Really? Really, Gun poster? A movie starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer called Gun already sounds bad enough, but this poster is ridiculous. Bad movie name. Bad publicity photo. Bad marketing tagline.…   Read Story »