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Headphones UP: Guys, I know you're frustrated. We all are. Hang in there. Just keep practicing and do your best, whenever you can, to remember why you got into playing gentle folk songs in the…   Read Story »
Oh great, A CHALLENGE! The wonderful occasion when two videos that are kind of similar come into our lives at the same moment, giving us the chance to pit them against each other and choose a side…   Read Story »
What? Ever heard of ROCK N' ROLL? Listen, if you're going to have to take a breather because you can't handle a little flamethrower guitar that's fine, but don't look at us like we're the problem.…   Read Story »
A) Gwyenth Paltrow declares that playing guitar is "much harder than it looks" despite the fact that everyone else has known that it's super hard for, like, ever. B) She definitely still does not…   Read Story »