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Sup ninjas! Werttrew here to wrap up this guest week. I like guest blogger weeks. I mean, no offense guest bloggers, Gabe is still the best at Videogum-ing. But I like getting to read these new…   Read Story »
OMG, guys, HI! I’m Kira! Maybe you recognize me by my commenter name, caringiscool? Maybe not. I don’t comment TONS but I’m a very Olde Tyme Gummalo, mostly pre-Monsters' Ball. I'm always doing…   Read Story »
2 years 7 months and one day ago, on the banks of a mighty catfish hatchery in Bryan, TX a child was born to a leather-skinned woman and a Turkish gentleman with a sexual proclivity for hairy feet.…   Read Story »
Why, hello there, my good people! Some of you know me as Godsauce, and others know me as Fokes. Many of you probably don't know me at all, but we can forge a fresh relationship on the promise of a…   Read Story »
Good morning, my lovelies!  I'm going to start exploding your eye holes with content shortly, but I thought I would go ahead and set some expectations so that you don't get disoriented and panic…   Read Story »
Up and at em, Monsters! Today, we don’t get the pop culture blogger we need, but the one we deserve. I’m Huckabeast. I used to comment a lot, but then I started working more and I can’t comment…   Read Story »
Gabe (me) will be out this week. These things happen, and we are all going to deal with it like adults. Chin up. Brave faces on. The numbers for the blog police and the flame war department (Boo! We…   Read Story »
Hey all! Your friendly neighborhood werttrew here, wrapping up the week for you all. 1. Twitter feeds for this week's guest editors: Mans, Joe Mande, Shellbomber, Starlee Kine, and the Bob's…   Read Story »
Well that certainly took a weird turn at the end didn’t it? This has been super fun. Thank you to Gabe and the Stereogum crew for letting me run loose on the blog today. A special monster…   Read Story »
High-five, you guys. That’s me, Shellbomber, on the right. Who knew an afternoon of browsing for bedazzled Sidekick covers in Union Square would end in such excitement? And not just for the two…   Read Story »