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There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning, late as usual, looking in the mirror, and realizing that -- due to your face -- it's going to be at least another 45 to 100 minutes before you can…   Read Story »
Public urination is a thing that makes me very grossed out and, simultaneously, kind of jealous. I would like to be able to discreetly urinate anywhere. That would make life slightly easier, and…   Read Story »
You know how sometimes you're a lady who went to a bunch of schools and you're on a train and it's like, I don't understand how these people expect me to not be very terrible? Don't they get that I…   Read Story »
Last night, Bradley Cooper went on Conan to talk about Very Bad Trip 2 and recounted a gross anecdote that is gross and so gross. Gross!   Read Story »
Behind all the glitz and the glamour of blogging is news. Yes, we blog from solid gold, heart-shaped jacuzzis in castles made of cocaine and cashmere, but we are blogging about actual THINGS that are…   Read Story »
Look, I'm not going to lie to you, Buddies. Being given my membership card to The Very Cool Club For Once And Future Videogum Bloggers was one of the most exciting moments of my life. Even when…   Read Story »
CORRECTION: bibs ARE just for babies. (And caricatures of Italian-Americans.) But sure. Yes. I mean, let's be real: this world is full o' slobs. If the planet is 80% water, then the human population…   Read Story »
I will say this about Splice: it is gross, and it is trash, and I didn't really like it very much personally, but beyond that I'm not sure there is that much to say. It seems like some people really…   Read Story »
In the flush of the holiday season, it was almost possible for a moment to forget that the world is an endless and inescapable nightmare. Would an endless and inescapable nightmare have so much EGG…   Read Story »
"I love playing video games! They're just a really fun distraction from the day-to-day stress of my normal life. In a lot of ways I like them even more than movies or TV because you are kind of,…   Read Story »