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Surprise, Joshua Sasse and Ian Somerhalder, your very serious selfie just got Neil Patrick Harris photombombed! -I'mWithKanye From last night's Fallon, a new installment of Downton Sixbey…   Read Story »
I've spent, like, thirty total minutes trying to contemplate the seemingly everlasting appeal of documentaries spliced together from real footage of wealthy and/or glamorous people being…   Read Story »
Jeff Goldblum, who is awesome (duh) made a rare appearance on Letterman last night to promote his new role on Law And Order: Criminal Intent (starting Sunday.) Jeff talked about acting and did rope…   Read Story »
Hopefully the beautiful weather in many places this weekend didn't stop all interested parties from doing their solemn duty and watching Grey Gardens on HBO this weekend. I've already mentioned what…   Read Story »
This week's VMC movie that we're going to discuss on Monday is HBO's fictionalized version of the Citizen Kane of documentaries, Grey Gardens, which airs tomorrow night at 8pm. As mentioned before,…   Read Story »
So, this weekend I saw HBO's dramatized portrayal of the lives of Big Edie and Little Edie Beale, Grey Gardens, and I have very important message for anyone who might be planning to watch it when or…   Read Story »
If, like me, you thought HBO's re-enactment of the famous original train wreck documentary Grey Gardens was kind of unnecessary, this first promo for it that aired after Big Love Sunday night shows…   Read Story »
Last night I watched the Katie Couric Grammy Special (yes, second mention today, it was a TREASURE TROVE) and found out who Katy Perry is, and also the only thing interesting about her: she's seen…   Read Story »
Whoops, I totally forgot. In my Hills recap today I gave a prediction of what would happen to the cast members as they got older. LC is clearly on the downward path to becoming a bitter Margo…   Read Story »