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I hear it was all right! (Also, since we're here together talking about YouTube: Look, new StoryCorps!)   Read Story »
Well, that almost hit the spot! Kind of! Even when just talking about the movie with friends after seeing it, I'm finding it a little difficult to be too hard on Damsels In Distress. As a fan of Whit…   Read Story »
This happened a full two days ago, so I do apologize for bringing the news to you so late, but have you all seen the clip of Blair Waldorf dropping an awkward Courtney Stodden reference on Monday's…   Read Story »
Have you guys been watching this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm? It's not bad. The scenes in which Larry is just sitting around goofing it up with Jeff and/or Richard Lewis and whatever other goons…   Read Story »
Greenberg trailer, you guys: As we get older, we inevitably begin to reflect on what choices we've made in life that have brought us to that particular point. Things rarely turn out the way that…   Read Story »