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Oh my god! I can't believe I didn't bring this up earlier, I wanted to talk to you about it the second I heard -- So, you know Amanda has been really, like, low-key lately about who she's seeing? And…   Read Story »
It has been hard since we lost the war against the face-huggers and the chest bursters. Society has largely collapsed and we live in constant fear, never sure where our next meal is going to come…   Read Story »
"More like the Royal Blanket," is what I would say if I worked in an office with other people and had a lunch break and my coworkers were all talking about how the world just got its first glimpse at…   Read Story »
Oh, it has been too long since we've had some #good #gossip to chat about. Where is everyone? Where are all the celebs, creating gossip for us to chat about? On vacation somewhere beautiful, living…   Read Story »
Before I say anything, you have to PRA-ROMISE that you did not hear this from me. Okay? Like, I care about my individual friendships with Henry and Kaley a lot and I wouldn't want this to mess either…   Read Story »
One of America's greatest dramas is that of Jennifer Aniston, her undying love for Brad Pitt, and her searing hatred of Angelina Jolie. Long after each player is dead, it will continue to be spoken…   Read Story »
URGENT! URGENT! URGENT! URGENT! Drop everything you're doing right now and let it fall to the floor and shatter like your head is going to do in about five seconds when I give you this update…   Read Story »
To tell you the truth, the Jennifer Aniston VS. Angelina Jolie one-sided feud is my favorite tabloid-fueled feud, possible EVER. "Really? How did you manage to pick a favorite when they're all so…   Read Story »
It's a difficult world out there, not only for non-celebrities, but also for celebrities. Each day brings with it new things to overcome, new bridges to cross, new bridges to burn, and new tiny…   Read Story »
Just kidding. The all-caps title was a JK. The news that Ryan Seacrest may replace Matt Lauer on Today seems obvious not because I knew that Matt Lauer was thinking of not renewing his Today contract…   Read Story »