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Fine, Gossip Girl. If you are not going to treat me like an adult human being with self-worth and a modicum of intelligence whose time is valuable, then I am not going to treat you like a real TV…   Read Story »
The celebration of Passover, a holiday featured in previous episodes of Gossip Girl, centers around the Jewish people's retelling of the story of their emancipation from Egyptian slavery under the…   Read Story »
It used to be that the dramatic tensions of this show were constantly shifting as people changed alliances, changed sleeping partners, or changed boroughs, but everyone seems to be treading water at…   Read Story »
On last night's episode of Gossip Girl there was indeed a party. Obviously. If there were ever an episode of this show that did not feature a party, government agents would raid the CW offices and…   Read Story »
Oh good. For awhile there, I was scared that Gossip Girl would never return. What a shame that would have been! We might never have been able to find out what happened to our wonderful friends! Will…   Read Story »
You know what this show needs? A good death. The death of one of is principal actors, too, none of this Bart Bass nonsense. The best part is, there are so many characters to choose from! In an ideal…   Read Story »
You're kidding, right, Gossip Girl? So you have completely given up, right? Just let us all know if you have completely given up, because I think a lot of us would like to give up, too. There is…   Read Story »
Speaking of your girlfriends, here she is. Talking about you. Not cool!   Read Story »
Obviously, this show has become ridiculous. It used to be about students at an elite private high school, their social and sexual manipulations, and handbags or whatever. That made sense. It had an…   Read Story »
"Have you been so busy that you've forgotten what time of year it is?" Gossip Girl asks at the top of the episode. Uh, no? No, I have not. It is fall. It is a week and a half after Halloween. It is…   Read Story »