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Gossip Girl's Vanessa, AKA Jessica Szohr, has been cast as the lead in a "sex horror comedy," AKA my favorite genre of horror comedy, called Love Bite. Will she still dress like a mom from the '60s…   Read Story »
Sometimes the internet is the worst. And then SOMETIMES the internet puts together a supercut from one of your favorite movies of all time, Clueless, of all of Cher's outfits and it is the best!…   Read Story »
I'm sorry to have to be the one to bring you this news. But. You know your favorite actress, Taylor Momsen? From your favorite movies Spy Kids 2 and Spy School, which are unrelated? And your favorite…   Read Story »
Alec Baldwin may leave 30 Rock or he may not or he may just be in fewer episodes or the world may end tomorrow no one knows. -Vulture Oh yeah speaking of he also wants to run for mayor but guess…   Read Story »
Eric isn't going to be on Gossip Girl anymore!!!!!!!!! But who will be gay?!?!? -Vulture The director of 30 Minutes or Less is definitely full of bologna when he says the movie has nothing to do…   Read Story »
Until this morning, I hadn't thought about how they award surf boards at the Teen Choice Awards in what seems like many years. Which, you know, of course, duh, no doy, but you'd think the thought…   Read Story »
Here's an article and slideshow about the influence of Star Wars on contemporary graphics culture. Lots of different kinds of nerd stuff going on here I think you're all going to enjoy this.…   Read Story »
Why the 21 Jump Street remake will receive an R rating, with a very interesting and VERY real quote from Channing Tatum on the subject. -Film Drunk A guy returns to the gym for the first time after…   Read Story »
I'm not going to pretend I know a whole lot about the hit television series Jersey Shore. (Generally I assume people like to pretend they know A LOT about it. It's on everyone's OK Cupid profile…   Read Story »
It looks like everyone's favorite Gossip Girl (after Chuck) is going to be playing everyone's favorite tragic handsome musician (after Kurt Cobain). Penn Badgley beat out Robert Pattinson and James…   Read Story »