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Charo did her signature cuchi-cuchi in a Beverly Hills parking lot yesterday. Lucky for us, there's a photo series! Cuchi cuchi! -Dlisted Amanda Seyfried performed the first verse of “California…   Read Story »
Crazy how some mornings you're just surfing the Internet, checking out what's going on here and there, having already decided that it was kind of a slow news day when BAM! You stumble upon the STORY…   Read Story »
ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? I know you're probably convinced that sitting down in front of a computer all day is going to decrease your life expectancy in surprisingly dramatic ways because of all those…   Read Story »
This happened a full two days ago, so I do apologize for bringing the news to you so late, but have you all seen the clip of Blair Waldorf dropping an awkward Courtney Stodden reference on Monday's…   Read Story »
How upset are all of you about the way this season of Gossip Girl has been going? Have none of you been able to sleep either? I'll tell you what, I have not slept since Blair ran away with Dan after…   Read Story »
Can you believe that Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl's Nate Archibald, is currently single? I KNOW. Who would have thought such a normal looking and seeming guy, a guy as normal looking and seeming as a…   Read Story »
Funny or Die has a sneak peek of some sort of comedy art show happening in LA titled, "Is This Thing On?" You can look at it! Look at it and send it to one of your friends and be like, "OMG, I want…   Read Story »
Joel McHale revealed in a recent interview that, once Community comes back, one of the characters is going to die! Oh noooooo! BUT WHICH ONE? He said it's none of the main characters so it's probably…   Read Story »
The best thing about doing these weekly GIF round-ups is that no one gets to tell me which GIF I get to put at the beginning (except Gabe, if he wants), so I can pick whichever one I like the best…   Read Story »
Here is a picture of Bill Murray hanging out with the Korean pop group Girls’ Generation. Duh. What? I SAID DUH. -TheDailyWhat Today I heard the most amazing news that I've ever heard in my…   Read Story »