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At one point, she even considered stopping Goop, such was her emotional distress. But somehow (millions of dollars and rampant self-absorption) she found a way. Phew! (Thanks for the tip, every…   Read Story »
Look, at the end of the day it's OK that Gwyneth Paltrow hires a bunch of college freshmen to write a lifestyle newsletter under her name about platinum mid-century bathroom fixtures. It's not…   Read Story »
Why, is it Christmas already? Because the new Goop is here! Just kidding. A tone-deaf celebrity's self-indulgent, masturbatory ghost-written lifestyle email newsletter is NO GIFT. It is a curse! Also…   Read Story »
Teri Hatcher has teamed up with Disney Family to launch her own women's lifestyle website. I bet women are so pumped. "Thanks, Teri!" -- women.   Read Story »
The new Goop is here! And Gwyneth has some super fascinating tips for all of us on how to live our lives. Namely, we should definitely sleep. Cool tip from a cool lady. Basically everyone I know is…   Read Story »
Gwyneth Paltrow has released the latest issue of GOOP and this week (month? quarter?) it is all about losing that unwanted arm-flab using the trusted work-out techniques of a known liar and thief.…   Read Story »
A woman chose to live her life by the laws of Goop for some reason. Blogging ensues. I'm sure Meryl Streep is going to be amazing in Rebecca & Gwyneth.   Read Story »
It's not like people didn't know that Tyra Banks was ridiculous and awful. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating everything in the medicine cabinet, but have you seen her…   Read Story »
These two ladies are really going blow for blow these days. "I'm the worst!" "No, I am the worst!" Stop, you're both incredibly awful! Is it possible to have a Mexican stand-off with just two people?…   Read Story »
First off, you're going to want to start with one completely over-inflated sense of self-importance that allows for the belief that you should show people how to cook something for some reason even…   Read Story »