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Andrew Sullivan posted an email from Anderson Cooper in which he talks about being gay and his reasons for not going public with it before, and if nothing else it is a thoughtful and well-written…   Read Story »
The first GOOP of 2012 has arrived, and it is highlighting "the GOOP Cleanse." Oh brother. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that I am against ALL cleanses, not just the GOOP…   Read Story »
It's not weird that Courtney Love and Gwyneth Paltrow know each other. That's normal. They're both very famous and have been for a long time and ever since I saw that video about the Arctic Monkeys…   Read Story »
Gwyneth Paltrow launched her iPhone app today. It's a travel guide to New York City. Now for only $3.99 and the cost of a suite at the St. Regis you can live like the insufferable half lives!   Read Story »
Have you dreamed of being Gwyneth Paltrow's personal (well, not personal) Director of Social Media? Now is your chance. Must be based in London. Must have scented gold-leaf resume. More information…   Read Story »
Do you make $150,000,000,000-$200,000,000,000 a year or $450,000,000,000,000,000-$900,000,000,000,000,000? How would you describe your sink: occidental, Lord Face, or kiku? How many outdoor pizza…   Read Story »
The latest issue of Goop is out today, and, well, uh, this: Spring is springing and it’s the perfect time to start planting herbs and veggies for the summer. I got a great how-to lesson from my…   Read Story »
Michael Stipe added, “Once, a duck she was cooking caught fire, and she threw it in the pool.” Etc.   Read Story »
Jay-Z has launched his own Goop-like "lifestyle website." THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE?   Read Story »
Most people, when they get their weekly email newsletter from Gwyneth Paltrow explaining where to find the best pewter sink fixtures for the guest bathroom at your French estate probably think to…   Read Story »