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After six seasons, it's time to say goodbye to all of our good friends, all of our worst enemies, all of our sex partners, and all of our non-blood relatives, which as it turns out are all the same…   Read Story »
As we sit here this afternoon, in our offices or our bedrooms or our living rooms or our cubicles, we teeter on the edge of summer. This weekend will bring with it Labor Day, and with that it will…   Read Story »
First of all, we have to give it up for Gabe and Kelly for letting me attempt to write a bunch of far more political than I'd originally planned stuff at you guys today! Give it up for Gabe!…   Read Story »
As you all must have heard by now, Aaron Paul got engaged on New Years Eve in Paris. No, not to me. It did come as a shock. Sometimes you think your life is going to take one road and then, what do…   Read Story »
This morning was Meredith Vieira's final appearance on the Today Show. Awwwwww, I guess? Awwwww! Carole King serenaded to her and Abe Vigoda was there for some reason, but the real cap-off to the…   Read Story »
We have now reached the portion of the day where I use my new found power to try to make in Hollywood! I don't intend to climb off my pedestal, I'm going to bungee jump! Soon I'll be sitting in a hot…   Read Story »
I don't even know who Al Kaprielian is, but I already miss him! It's like they always say, you don't know what you have until someone edits together a hilarious montage about it being gone. Whoever…   Read Story »
Bad news for the VD'O superfans out there. He is leaving Law & Order: Criminal Intent after eight seasons. From Variety: Sources from the "L&O" galaxy say that stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn…   Read Story »
Paula Abdul, whoever that is, is leaving American Idol, whatever that is. Just kidding. I know who Paula Abdul is. She's the lady who popped out of the ink well on Scat Cat's song. And I've heard of…   Read Story »
Lindsay here. As you might have seen in the comments Monday, I'm leaving Videogum, and today is my last day of school. But this isn't my last post, this is just the post where I explain that I'll be…   Read Story »