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"I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her. Ahhhh, I'm sorry; I just never get tired of saying that! I love her I love her I love…   Read Story »
Have you ever been hanging out with a human, having what you think is a generally "ok" time, when you realize that you have absolutely no idea how that human is feeling about the situation? "If only…   Read Story »
Say what you want about how DMX probably should've come across a computer already at this point in his life that wasn't his smartphone, or about how maybe he needs to, uh, relax, but that shit he…   Read Story »
Of the things that keep people from spending a million dollars to see a movie in the theater, dealing with rude fellow moviegoers is probably within the top five. Number one is definitely fear of…   Read Story »
Man, isn't it so hard to just meet people these days? Tell me about it! It's like you got your online dating web sites and you're offline dating websites and your hookups and your bar trivia nights…   Read Story »
You know how nightclubs, no matter how many you go to, like, even if you go to a hundred, just never seem to hit the mark? Even if you go to a million, none of them feel like a place for YOU. Like,…   Read Story »
The world we live in is an endless nightmare, spotted with brief glimpses of hope serving only to deepen our understanding of the despair that surrounds them. For example, I just killed a mosquito…   Read Story »
If there's one thing MTV does really well, it's pinpointing what a large segment of the TV-viewing population wants but has yet to be provided elsewhere. It's why they're the #1 TV network! It's why…   Read Story »
Just two young, beautiful people celebrating their love in the style of a popular series of YA novels and films. I'm not sure what your problem is. You hate love? Is that it?   Read Story »
Kelly: Hello Gabe Gabe: Kelly Kelly: What Gabe: No, just like, formal. "Kelly." Kelly: Ohhh you didn't use any punctuation so I had no idea' Gabe: Kelly. Kelly: Gabriel. Kelly: How are you…   Read Story »