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Have you ever seen Dune? You've seen Dune. You remember in Dune how the only way to be allowed to wear the blue contact lenses is if you can hold your hand in the itchyburn box for so long that you…   Read Story »
Well, it turns out there is a reason I've never watched the Golden Globes before in my life, and that reason is that they are so boring! Granted, the show moved along at a fast enough clip. They…   Read Story »
Ah, the Golden Globes. Hollywood's most cherished and respectable awards show. Wait, no. What are the Golden Globes again? Oh right, it is a sham contest set up by the Hollywood Foreign Press…   Read Story »
This post is running a little late because I was "out of the office" this morning on official business, but the nominees for the 2009 Golden Globes have been announced! Oh great! Everyone loves the…   Read Story »
It is as close as the Golden Globes has ever come to making me think for a second about actually watching the Golden Globes.   Read Story »
Everyone knows the joke about the curse of Golden Globe winners who forget to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- it's why almost all of last night's winners thanked the HFPA right off.…   Read Story »
Loser reaction shots are one of the best parts of any televised awards ceremony, but usually the losers, as a group, hold it together better than Alec Baldwin's fellow Golden Globe nominees. When…   Read Story »
If you missed the Golden Globes, we'll have more highlights today, but the best (only?) scripted moment had to be Tina Fey's Best Actress speech, in which she told a bunch of internet commenters to…   Read Story »
Annie can comfort herself when Bride Wars flops (Bride Wars will probably not flop, sadly) this weekend, as what looks like a glitch on the Golden Globes site listed her as the winner briefly…   Read Story »
lindsay: the Golden Globes are even stupider and wronger than usual this year! lindsay: Particularly in the comedy movie category lindsay: and also the nomination for Entourage lindsay: What does…   Read Story »