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The Muppets are going to be guest hosting Monday Night Raw on October 31st. So that makes sense and I guess keep your regular DVR settings and we'll all talk about it November 1st!…   Read Story »
First, I'd like to announce the winner of last week's True Blood Sookie giveaway: Michelle Nguyen! Congratulations, Michelle! I hope you SERVE up some BLOODY good, etc. Enjoy it! I hope you wear…   Read Story »
Oh my God, Shia LeBeouf directed a Marilyn Manson video and it was too disgusting and scary for me to get through the whole thing, but I hear it is NSFW.  So don't watch it at work. Also don't watch…   Read Story »
Sometimes the internet is the worst. And then SOMETIMES the internet puts together a supercut from one of your favorite movies of all time, Clueless, of all of Cher's outfits and it is the best!…   Read Story »
Until this morning, I hadn't thought about how they award surf boards at the Teen Choice Awards in what seems like many years. Which, you know, of course, duh, no doy, but you'd think the thought…   Read Story »
We already talked about the This Must Be the Place trailer earlier this week, so you might think we didn't have any other trailers to talk about, but you would be wrong, and you should think better.…   Read Story »
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy stole my baby nickname. Could I BE any more upset? -Dlisted A complete oral history of Friday Night Lights. -Grantland Blooper reels are the best part of any movie.…   Read Story »
I don't watch Glee and I think the Emmys are overly dull and self-congratulatory, but I am happy for Jane Lynch to continue her ride on the Success Train.   Read Story »
As the week comes to an end, the first thing everyone wants to do is relive it all over again in GIFs. We know that! So after the jump are all of this week's best GIFs, and the top rated GIFs of the…   Read Story »
I miss Soft Gabe, you guys. Do you miss Soft Gabe? I miss him so much. He would know what to say about last night's Glee season finale. Let me guess: there was singing? I honest to God have no idea…   Read Story »