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I'm not entirely clear on how you make a "pornographic parody" of a show that is in many ways, depending on the episode, its own pornographic parody, but you have to give these guys credit for…   Read Story »
When we last left Christopher Abbott's Charlie on HBO's Girls, he was walking arm-in-arm with his on-again/off-again love Marnie. She had recently performed a rendition of Kanye West's "Stronger" in…   Read Story »
It is so rare that I actually have an GIF-related news to report in the GIFs post, if you can believe that, but today is different! HOLD ONTO YOUR GIF BELTS! This week Google updated their image…   Read Story »
It feels like the last couple of weeks, the Internet has been awash in more think pieces than ever. That's probably not true. But that's how it feels. This probably has a lot to do with the blogs…   Read Story »
There's a thing that happens a lot in independent, mumblecore-type movies where at the end of the main character's struggle in their dysfunctional, sometimes abusive relationship (or another type of…   Read Story »
Videogum Movie Club Update: Let's reschedule the Spring Breakers movie club for next Monday, when it is out everywhere and not just in NYC and LA. Whoops! My bad! I sincerely cannot wait to talk to…   Read Story »
Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Go see Spring Breakers this weekend and then talk about it here with us on Monday! Here is an hour-long interview with the people behind the Onion News Network,…   Read Story »
Oh, boy. Another Girls episode, another week of wanting to throw my computer in the garbage. I don't even want to say anything about it. Do I even have to? Should we even be considering it a comedy?!…   Read Story »
This week's Bob's Burgers, "O.T. the Outside Toilet," was one of my favorite episodes of anything in a long time! ARE YOU GUYS WATCHING THIS SHOW? Each of the plot lines -- Bob having a suit that…   Read Story »
I'm sure it is incredibly difficult to be someone in the public eye whose thoughts, shared during interviews, sometimes get taken out of context or skewed by the writer. I'm sure it's even hard just…   Read Story »