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Giancarlo Esposito, AKA Gus from Breaking Bad, no doy, you knew that, is going to be on Community! If it's ever on TV again! That's exciting! I still do not like how his character arch went where it…   Read Story »
Splitsider posted an article today about reconsidering Freddie Got Fingered, which is a perfect movie. What's to reconsider? How PERFECT IT IS? -Splitsider You know the thing the AV Club does…   Read Story »
Last week's penultimate episode left us with a lot of questions and theories about the Brock cliffhanger. I'm writing this preamble before the finale airs, and right now it seems unlikely that…   Read Story »
Only one episode left, everybody! I can't even believe it. Time flies when you're getting your heart and mind trampled on by a TV show every week. What are we even going to talk about when it's over?…   Read Story »
Oh, holy moly. Remember last week when we were pretty much feeling good? Everybody loved each other and all the bad guys were dead and Jesse was coming home, cute as ever? Well this week we were left…   Read Story »
Elephant in the room, not only was Breaking Bad on at the same time as the Emmys last night, but also Breaking Bad did not win any Emmys because they weren't elegible because the fourth season didn't…   Read Story »
I love when Breaking Bad opens the way it opened this episode! Similar to last week, with the shots of blood in the pool that you didn't understand until the end, this week opened with a…   Read Story »
This week opened with what was basically an extended "previously on" scene -- Gus explaining to Hector the deaths of his nephews, and their connection to Hank, complete with footage from last season.…   Read Story »
Well, this season has certainly picked up in these past few episodes! Last week we saw the tension between Walt and Jesse growing, due to Jesse's frequent trips with Mike and the praise he received…   Read Story »