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Over the weekend, Geraldo Rivera posted a half-nude selfie on Twitter. He took it in the mirror, and he is wearing a towel, sort of, but he's wearing it really low if you know what I mean. Do you…   Read Story »
In a letter to Politico, Geraldo Rivera has "apologized" for his explosive remarks last week concerning Trayvon Martin's responsibility for his own death via clothing choice. And by apology, of…   Read Story »
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Now it's time to remember what a horrible dummy Gerlado is!   Read Story »
Remember that time Gabe suggested filming Courtney Stodden's life secretly for a reality show, so we could all know what really goes on in her day-to-day? That was a great idea. Why hasn't anyone…   Read Story »
It's crazy how long you and Geraldo have been together. We've all had our share of serious relationships and long-term commitment, but for those of us without a decades long relationship under our…   Read Story »
Splitsider posted an article today about reconsidering Freddie Got Fingered, which is a perfect movie. What's to reconsider? How PERFECT IT IS? -Splitsider You know the thing the AV Club does…   Read Story »
This uses the oldest trick in the viral video book, taking a clip of The O'Reilly Factor with guest Geraldo Rivera and slow the audio down so they sound like two chopped and screwed monsters having…   Read Story »
Stephen Colbert breaks down the whole Nas v. FOX News controversy, including the part where Geraldo raps. Look, I loved Dark Knight, but all I'm saying is that one person has the number one movie…   Read Story »
You can't tell it's him, because of the sophistication of his costume, but this was Gabe back in the '80s, when he made ends meet as a male stripper. His big break came when Geraldo asked him to…   Read Story »
I just love the look on Brian Kilmeade's (don't worry, I had to look up his name) face after he brags about being stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger on Fox and Friends and Geraldo retorts with…   Read Story »