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Look, I love Homeland. It's great! Does Carrie cry an awful lot even just for a civilian much less a top-ranked CIA analyst at the very heart of the US intelligence community's most desperate…   Read Story »
Will Ferrell was on Conan last night to promote The Campaign and told the story about the time he met George W. Bush. (And here's Jon Stewart on Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.) < /latenightroundup>   Read Story »
HBO and Game of Thrones got in some trouble a couple weeks ago when they admitted that George W. Bush's head appeared on a spike. But it's fixed now. Looks great. Great dead head on a spike.   Read Story »
Game of Thrones is in a bit of hot OIL this week (get it? You get it) after some nerd discovered that one of the heads impaled on a spike outside of King's Landing in an episode of season one was…   Read Story »
There are so many ridiculous things about this news report and I really love all of them so much. A middle school in Russellville, Arkansas has published a "Five Worst People" list in its yearbook…   Read Story »
PFRS is easily and without a doubt the most patriotic and fist to the sky fire restoration team in the biz! I'll tell you this: you may have lost countless irreplaceable items of overwhelming…   Read Story »
The other night, as I'm sure you're aware, Kanye West had a meltdown, as he is very wont to do, on Twitter, about an interview he had just taped with Matt Lauer for the Today Show. (Incidentally, he…   Read Story »
Guys, I don't want to blow anyone's minds, or rock anyone's boats, or shake anyone's cores (nullus), but George W. Bush is a jerk. Like, even if you thought he was a good president (uh, what?) he is…   Read Story »
Setting video footage of a person or event you don't like to Lily Allen's song "Fuck You" is officially, and perhaps predictably, a thing like the Downfall meme. Behold: (Update: okay, okay, yes,…   Read Story »
Okay, blah blah blah disclaimer: coached-kid videos are usually the worst, but if The Landlord was okay, this little girl's farewell to George W. Bush is just fine. I totally expected it to be…   Read Story »