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Can you guess the two celebs in these silhouette portraits? Hints: 1) These came from their wedding, 2) Their wedding also had a dessert bar. (People are losing their shit over this dessert bar.)…   Read Story »
Though Louis C.K. has decided to stay out of the White House Correspondents’ dinner, UGGIE is going to be all over it. You win some, you lose some. I hope you all have a fun time…   Read Story »
In a video for the Trevor Project, an organization aimed to stop LGBT youth suicide, George Takei responds to outspokenly anti-gay, now-resigned, Arkansas schoolboard member Clint McCance. And it is…   Read Story »
Sure, you could ask if having George Takei and his husband as the first gay couple on the Newlywed Game wasn't as much stunt-celebrity casting as it was any kind of symbol of social progress. But the…   Read Story »