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Black Eyed Pea is no stranger to taking to television to help inspire America's youth and ingrain them with a completely false sense of what is OK to wear on your body and face and head, so…   Read Story »
Here's a question: is Shrek real? Bear with me. Is he? There are lots of arguments to suggest that he is not real. For one, he is a cartoon. I'm not suggesting there is a cartoon ogre in the swamp…   Read Story »
You know how nightclubs, no matter how many you go to, like, even if you go to a hundred, just never seem to hit the mark? Even if you go to a million, none of them feel like a place for YOU. Like,…   Read Story »
This girl doesn't even need a packed auditorium of eager minds to demonstrate the CORRECT way to live. You go, baby genius! Teach that dog how to poop! Byebye! (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »
Hey, so I have a quick question -- did you know that you're a genius? The answers there may be varied, maybe some of you are geniuses for real and you know it and love to brag about it, so to be more…   Read Story »
Looking good, girl! Looking great. I think the best part about tattoos is how they are FOREVER. No one can take this tattoo away from you now. So smart. Right under this tattoo you should get another…   Read Story »
FUN FACT: he submitted this with his college application instead of an essay! Just kidding. WHAT IS A COLLEGE APPLICATION? This has been another episode of Leaf Blower To The Face. (Thanks for the…   Read Story »
I don't really understand the TED Conference. What is it? I know that it's supposed to be the world's great thinkers providing freeform lectures somewhere in California on topics of their own…   Read Story »
The well-known genius Kirk Cameron was preparing for the Apocalyptic event that he knew would be occurring on Saturday, May 21, 2011. He had his suit pressed so that he would get to heaven looking…   Read Story »