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Teva has hired Gavin McInnes (formerly of Vice magazine, currently of StreetCarnage) to make "viral videos" for them, like this "viral video": Nice try. Gavin McInnes is a jerk, and Tevas are…   Read Story »
Street Carnage guy Gavin McInnes takes David Blaine's old craft to its surprisingly logical conclusions. Watch until the end -- it seems like a Steve Martin bit until it suddenly really doesn't.…   Read Story »
Gavin McInnes seems like a pretty unbearable monster. Not just his public persona, which is obviously built around the premise that he's such a jerk can you even believe it. But in reality, too. Just…   Read Story »
Vice Magazine co-creator who doesn't work there anymore href="">Gavin McInnes appeared on Last Call With Carson Daly last night in (stuffed?) tighty…   Read Story »