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If you want to make your product appealing to consumers, you should definitely put Gary Busey in the commercial. It's called aspirational marketing, and it plays off of the average customer's desire…   Read Story »
Oh hell. Gary Busey had a baby. His name is Luke, and by all appearances he is an actual human being, rather than a drug-addled, paranoid fugue state. I hope that Mr. Busey and his girlfriend are…   Read Story »
As you have probably noticed, it is Blog Law that every blog on the Internet give you their favorite scary movie to watch on Halloween. If you don't, you have to go to Blog Jail! And then another…   Read Story »
Can we make a rule that says that every single year at the same time (summer is probably best), all of the people who are currently "hot," no matter how unrelated their fame is, have to get together…   Read Story »
The highlight of last night's Comedy Central Roast Of Larry The Cable Guy had to be Gary Busey's surprisingly-self-aware-but-still-crazy roast of himself. Guys, he knows!!: .cc_box a:hover…   Read Story »
Matt Tobey at the Comedy Central Insider blog interviewed comedians on the red carpet at the Roast Of Larry The Cable Guy last weekend and put the video up today. Here's Gary Busey not knowing, and…   Read Story »
In an interview with Newsweek to publicize his new movie, Being Jean Claude Van Damme, JCVD seemed to have a really difficult time answering the actual questions, but had no trouble saying amazing…   Read Story »
The only thing that people love to do more on Halloween than dress up like the sexy version of someone's profession/nightmare is to get together and watch horror movies. These viewing parties fall…   Read Story »
A business telephone company (sure, that's a thing) hired Gary Busey to make ads featuring his "ideas" to promote its service, because if there's one thing that every executive learns in marketing…   Read Story »
The New York Post today is reporting that Gary Busey's participation in the second season of Celebrity Rehab turned out to be unhelpful, disruptive to the patients, and dangerous, i.e. a typical day…   Read Story »