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This is genuinely terrible. Some piece of shit LITTER LOUT was caught by a surveillance camera throwing a cat in the garbage. BOOO! Where is the barrister so he can lock her up in lorry and throw…   Read Story »
McDonald's has released a commercial in France featuring a (le gasp) gay person! Oh wow, this is about to get so complicated! These guys know what I'm talking about. Because on the one hand,…   Read Story »
Due to popular un-demand (un-demand?) we will not be recapping the second season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And after watching last night's premiere episode, I'm glad things went the way…   Read Story »
WANT TO KNOW MORE? HERE ARE SOME GREAT "BENEFITS" OF THE TV HAT FROM THE TV HAT WEBSITE: • Fits Most MP3 Players Including the iPod® and iPhone® • Great for the Whole Family • Virtual…   Read Story »
Here is the new music video for Muse's "Undisclosed Desires." Watch closely! How many pieces of garbage did you find? Answer Key after the jump! A: all of the garbage.   Read Story »
Will this Summer of Death never end? The solid-gold casket company is working overtime! From People: She charmed millions without ever saying a word, and managed to make fast food tacos adorable.…   Read Story »
Awww, Italy has invented a real life Wall-E. Cute as ball bearings.   Read Story »
This is a promotional video from the Ed Hardy website about the company's founder, Christian Audigier. It seems to have been made for the express purpose of reminding everyone that he is the worst,…   Read Story »
A woman in St. Louis found a copy of the Twilight sequel screenplay in the garbage, and has returned it to the movie studios. Whoops. Leave sleeping garbage lie, lady! From the AP: A St. Louis…   Read Story »